How can we make Sandringham College better?

What improvements can you suggest to make Sandringham College better?
Is there something that you can do immediately that will improve our school?

We want to know what you think!!!! So tell us your thoughts!!! – Comment below or email Howard Kelly : 

”There has been much discussion and reflection about the future of the three campuses of the College.

Two things are clear:

  • None of the campuses are up for disposal and
  • all three campuses are in urgent need of capital investment.
While there is great teaching occurring across the College, this is not reflected in the facilities. We need to convince both State and Federal Governments to provide significant monies for capital improvements.To do this, we need community input. This paper seeks to encourage people to think creatively and laterally about how the future of the College might look….”

For more information download the public paper: Sandringham Public Paper March 1st

To complete the questionnaire from the Beaumaris Campus Public meeting on the 8th March:

Click here to take survey

3 thoughts on “How can we make Sandringham College better?

  1. Alex says:

    If you have a “calendar” page on which it might say that today is Orientation Day for 2012’s Year 11 Class, I couldn’t see it. If you don’t have such a page, it isn’t a bad idea. At the moment, anything special happening on any particular day is not obvious – at a glance, which is all the free time most parents have if they are also working – and no, sorry, I don’t get or understand or have any interest in the Tweet Tweet column on the right hand side of this comment window.

    • Hi Alex,

      We will do our best to put all calendar information on DayMap.
      That way you will log in via the school credentials from the main website.

      That will be the central host for calendars.

      Hope that answers your questions.

  2. Alex says:

    2012? I meant 2013’s year 11 class. Oops!

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