Sandringham 7-10 Library Orientation


Year 7 students are currently taking part in Library Orientation classes.    Armed with an iPad, the students are encouraged to look for the QR codes placed around the library and then scan them.  Once scanned, the QR code will give the students information about the library.  For example, students will learn the opening hours of the library, they will learn about homework club, different genres available in fiction, reference books and encyclopedias.  They will also learn that the library offers a warm and welcoming environment.

Beaumaris 3C9s at Melbourne City Council. Students working on a City Experience project investigating animals in the CBD interviewed Melbourne’s Parks and Environment officers about the regulation of animals in the city.




Music performance at the state library!

Music performance at the state library!

There was some interesting piano playing performed at the State Library today. Year 9 students from the Sandringham 7-10 campus all visited the library today as part of their 3C9 City Experience. They learnt about the history of the library and some of the history of Melbourne.

9c state library

9c state library

9c at the state library

9c at the state library


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The anual SandyFest Talent Show was held yesterday at the Sandringham 7-10 Campus. The show, run by the SRC, showcased the amazing talents of students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Congratulations go to Trudie of Year 8 for winning best overall performance with her beautiful version of Bon Iver’s song “Skinny Love”.  Congratulations to Estelle of Year 9 who came 2nd Place with her rendition of “Little Things”. The award for best duet went to sisters Nicki (year 9) and Evie (year 7) which their ‘uketastic’ rendition of “Hey Soul Sister”. The Rising Star Award went to Juliana of Year 7, for her song ‘Begging You’, which she also wrote.  Congratulations to all the performers and special thanks to the SRC and the senior Campus tech crew for making the afternoon such a success.



Great Vic Finishes!

The Great Vic Bike Ride finished yesterday at Phillip Island. After ten days away from home and 591km ridden, Sandringham College rode across the finish line together as parents cheered us on!