Senior Campus Awards Assembly

Awards Assembly Thursday February 23

Recently our Yr 12 Dux and High Achievers ( ATAR scores over 90) were acknowledged  at an assembly of staff students,parents and special guests.

Our Year 12 Dux  was  Olivia Muratore  from the Science program closely followed by Ella Sheldon (Visual Arts)  and Ellen Cregan (Humanities).

Our top International Student was Dong Wu and the Year 12 students who achieved ATAR’s above 90 were:

  • Grayson C – Science
  • Caitlin C – Humanities
  • Harry R – Performing Arts
  • Sean P – Science
  • Jarrod S – Science
  • Alana P – Science
  • Miranda F – Performing Arts
  • Caitlin B – Business
  • Mollie G- Humanities
  • Tom  M – Science
  • Jordan M -Fletcher- Visual Arts
  • Stephanie M – Science
  • Lauren W- Science

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The High Achievers  for Year 11 were:

  • Hannah Alexander
  • Alexandra Byrnes
  • Olivia Campbell
  • Michael Di Donato
  • Finn Forsyth
  • Ben Hancock
  • Julian Kidon
  • Jessie Mathieson
  • Taylor Nugent
  • Hannah Nowlan
  • Sam Smith
  • Abigail Rozenberg
  • Jordan Di Blasi
  • Nathan Heaton
  • Jessica Marris

An ADF (Australian Defence Forces)  prize  was awarded to Taylor Nugent and the Monash University award for top Year 11 student was awarded to Michael Di Donato.

Congratulations to all these students whose dedicated efforts have resulted  in  such outstanding academic achievment.

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