Lunchtime in the Sandy 7-10 Library

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The Sandy 7-10 Library is open Monday to Friday and is always a hive of activity.  Students play cards, games, chat, read books and study. Advertisements

Beaumaris Campus Students visit Melbourne Writers Festival 2012

Students from Beaumaris Campus were lucky enough to attend two sessions of the Melbourne Writers Festival this week.  The group made up of a mixture of Year 7-10 students listened to award winning Australian authors,  Cassandra Golds,  Andrew McGahan and ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ author John Boyne,  discuss books they read when they were younger, what influenced them to write and where and who  their inspiration comes from.  It was great that students were able to hear how important books and reading were to these well know authors as they were growing up.

The Beaui kids were then treated to a special presention on the genre ‘Steampunk’, by well known Australian author Michael Pryor.  Students were mesmerised as a well spoken Pryor, dressed in top hat and tails (the costume for Steampunk) spoke about Edwardian times and how it all ties in with the genre he succefully writes about.

As an extra treat students visited the National Gallery of Victoria to view The European Collection.

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ImageImageImageSandringham College VCAL students were given the opportunity to create their ‘best burger’ in their Personal Development class, ‘Food and Me’. They had to explain their choice of ingredients and how their burger fit the judging criteria. As you can see from the photos, the burgers differed greatly and were devoured as soon as their presentations were complete.

Sandringham College Draft Models for 2014

Background/context/ strands

The work we have all been engaged in has been intense, open and has found a community across the campuses of the College and the wider community, willing to engage. It is clear that the College, in whatever form it takes has a vital role to play in the provision of high quality public education.

The responses have centred on the issue of how best to position the College for the future. People have been open minded about the best way to configure provision. There have been some key strands that have become apparent in the dialogue so far.

 A lot of this dialogue has revolved around the issue of whether or not the time has come to consider another form of governance that is more local than a three-campus school.

There has been much discussion around issues pertaining to the use and future of Beaumaris, this is important and is a driver in the work but it is much larger than this matter alone.

The issue of a separate school at Beaumaris, linked to other schools has certainly been a strong feature to date. In the end the broad range of views put by community will impact on the final decisions of the College Council.

Issues relating to the possibility of a precinct with the neighboring primary school have been raised and need to be explored further. A tremendous amount of creative work was undertaken to explore the idea of a seamless educational experience. Note this precinct concept requires buy in from Local Government as well.

Similarly the long term most productive relationship between the Bluff road site and Holloway road has been raised. Related to the issue of Bluff road and Holloway road has been the prospect of opening up provision more strategically with more senior curriculum at Bluff road as a possibility.

The lack of opportunity over many years for the up skilling of staff on both junior sites to teach senior curriculum is an issue for the operation of   current structure. The lack of opportunity and a practical policy to create that opportunity of teaching senior curriculum has not been strong at Sandringham College. This local development was not a part of the original driver for multi campus schools across the state.

All of the strands referred to are creative and show a desire to take the opportunity to think outside the current paradigm whilst accepting the value and achievement of what is currently in existence.

Howard Kelly – Independent Consultant

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Yo-Yo’s a hit for all occasions

VET Hospitality and VCAL students have been busy cooking over the last two weeks.

VCAL students cooked the first batch of Yo-yo biscuits for a Mother’s Day present. The students labelled and decorated cellophane bags for their presentation.

But the Yo-yo cooking continued with VET students preparing samples for the Discovery Night held at the Senior Campus on the 10th May. They even demonstrated their cooking skills on the evening. Most visitors found their way to the Food Technology department for a sample or two!

And then more Yo-yo’s were served at the Staff Biggest Morning Tea held on Tuesday 15th May. Passionfruit, chocolate and vanilla filled biscuits were prepared for the morning tea together with scones, jam and cream which are a favourite amongst staff. The Senior Campus has raised money for the Cancer Council at this yearly event for several years now. The food is enthusiastically prepared and served by the VET Hospitality students.

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School Colours at Beaumaris Campus

Doug became the latest recipient of School Colours at an assembly held at Beaumaris Campus on Friday.  He will join five other students who have been awarded their colours in 2012.

School Colours are awarded to students in years 9 and 10 at Beaumaris Campus who have accrued a total of 100 points accross the following areas of achievement.