Sandy 7-10 Book Club


Sandy 7-10 Book Club students have decided on two books for the Readers’ Cup.  They are


The young elites by Marie Lu   young elites   and  The book of lies by James Moloney  book of lies

Students are now busy reading the books.  During term two they will form teams to compete, by answering questions on each book, and presenting a creative piece on one book.  The creative piece could be a poster, a video clip anything that portrays the book.

Book Club takes place once a week during reading.



Monsters Invade Beaumaris Campus

Over the last few weeks, Year 7 students have been working hard in English on their monster projects. Students researched famous monsters such as the Loch Ness monster and the Yeti and involved using both the internet and books. During the process they learnt how to take research notes and how to write a bibliography. Once this was complete it was time to get creative, the boys engineered their own monster. Year 7 students have enjoyed this project and created some amazing monsters. The monsters were then introduced to an audience of staff through an oral presentation. Following the presentation, the boys were rewarded with a morning tea of monster eye-balls and monster biscuits prepared by Mrs Bell The monsters will be on display in the library.
So meet…
Solozilla, Greed, Boris, Motnaph, Squid-Ball Emet, Hairy Larry, Potato Assassin, Happy Hayden, Nocostakulosos, Jerry.S and Ravigan


Don’t be alarmed, but MONSTERS took over Beaumaris Campus today. More news to come…