Product Design and Technology Textiles

This year students from Mentone Girls and Sandringham College came together at the Beaumaris Campus to create an Alliance of Excellence.
One of the classes was units 1 and 2, Product Design and Technology, Textiles. Amy Willett was the teacher, and her students have designed and made some amazing garments. Unit 2 gets students to work as a team to design and create a product or range of products. They are nearing completion and look fabulous.








Year 10 Ceramics

Some delicious ‘Pop Art’ food sculptures were whipped up today by the Year 10 Ceramics class. After drying and firing they will be finished off with colour glaze.



Knitting Group

Every Monday lunchtime for the past few weeks a group of creative students and teachers at the Bluff Rd campus meet together to learn and teach the art of knitting. We have had students from all year levels join us, and we are starting to make progress on our practice squares. Our aim is to improve the quality of knitting and knit some squares for charity blankets.
We will be sharing our creations and having fun being challenged to try new techniques and finishes.


If anyone has wool or knitting needles they no longer need and would like to donate it to our group we would be most appreciative. Donations can be left at the Bluff Rd campus office.
Many thanks.

Redesigning a Product

Term 1 has been a whirlwind of design and redesign in the VCE Textiles room. Students have explored the Product Design Process, which is used in all Units of the study. Unit 1 focuses on Redesigning a product, to improve it through design. Students created a basic t-shirt using interlock and ribbing, sewing machines and over lockers. This basic design is now being redesigned to better suit their client – in this case themselves. One of my constraints on their design is the need for some form of embellishment, the unit descriptor also includes a constraint where the redesigned product should also be more sustainable.
Today we explored a range of potential embellishment techniques including: photo transfer, screen printing, batik, photo printing on fabric, machine embroidery, reverse appliqué, appliqué and beading to give them an understanding of some of the potential options.








We also farewell Mayu, one of our international students, she has worked hard to learn how to sew and complete her basic t-shirt.

Year 9 Gamemaking Elective

Tihs year sees the first time an elective dedicated to creating computer games has been offered to Year 9 students at the Bluff Rd campus. Students started the year by showcasing the skills they already had using the Gamemaker program. They are currently working on their own multi-level game, which will be completed over the next week. Some games have included their own graphics and include music as well.





Year 8 Textiles at Beaui

The students at Beaumaris are currently working on their floppy frog design. They have used their iPads to find different inspirations for their designs. Each frog will have at least 3 areas of embellishment. We are looking forward to sharing their finished results with you.





Sandy Hospitality Students Kept Busy

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Sandringham VET Hospitality students are able to cater in their very own Sandy’s Training Restaurant situated at the Senior Campus. The VET Hospitality class is made up of Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Throughout the year they have gained experience by working in a commercial kitchen at Holmesglen TAFE, through Industry experience and by catering for a range of functions. Their most recent function was to cater a two course meal for sixty Senior staff within one hour. The student’s worked efficiently and presented themselves in a highly professional manner. The teacher’s were very complimentary of the standard of food served. We look forward to preparing and serving lunch at our Training Restaurant over the next couple of months.