World Challenge Update – Nepal – Days 24 – 27 (retrospective)

Day 24

It was the last morning at Mohana Higher secondary school. Breakfast was cornflakes, eggs and toast. At 8:00am the bus came to collect us, some students of the students gathered around and waved while we were leaving. The school appreciated all the hard work Sandy put into the brick wall and the teaching efforts.

After we arrived at Chitwan Village Resort, we spent one hour organising the elephant safari before we went back to our room and had hot showers – something we all had been looking forward to for a while! Once the safari was organised and everyone was clean, we split up into groups of 4 or more to get lunch in town. The typical meal for lunch would be mo mo’s, chowmin or fried rice with a drink.

After lunch we had to do a little bit more organising. We had a couple of hours to spare so a couple of us went shopping, relaxed around the resort or had a sleep. Dinner was at 6:00pm and everyone had the best veggie dhal bat in Chitwan! We then went to the local theatre centre and watched traditional Nepalese dancing which was a a great experience and on the last dance students went up on stage and had a move.

By Poppy C and Molly

Day 25

Change of scenery, hotel beds replaced tent floors.

Today was the day of an elephant safari. Everyone was very excited. With the promise of seeing rhinoceroses, giraffes, the very illusive tiger, Nepali crocodiles and elephants. To board an elephant one must climb up a big stepladder and step upon the elephant into a wooden platform which was surprisingly comfortable.

The elephant walks with a loping gait, the motion of it could have almost lulled to sleep had there not been many low lying branches waiting to whack you in the head. Yes complete concentration was needed to avoid the danger.

The adventure went on for about an hour and a half for some. In that time my particular group saw several species of deer, a crocodile, a crane, a kingfisher, a peacock, a family of wild chickens, some monkeys and a few elephants. No one saw a tiger however there were reports of rhinoceros and wild pig sightings.

The rest of the day was consumed on the bus. The buses here are different from back home, here they cover their buses in brightly covered paint, tributes to the Hindu goddess Shiva and slogans like “speed control” and “I miss you”. The bus ride was not completely without incident. One threw up on the bus and another two threw up soon after arriving at the destination much to the dismay of the bus people. As we arrived at the white water rafting camp all the students were astonished as to how wonderful the establishment we were camping at was. Truly an oasis.

By Benji

Day 26

Today we were lucky to get a sleep in. We woke up at 8 to wish Addie a happy birthday and to have breakfast at 8:30. We had toast, pancakes, porridge, fruit salad and eggs. We then packed and meet back at the meeting spot. We were going white water rafting. We got into wetsuits and got a talk on how to raft. They explained how to row, how to sit, what to do if you fall out of the raft and a lot more stuff. After they explained stuff we started to raft.

We all got on the water and had mixed emotions. Some people were scared, some people were excited. Our instructors showed us how to do the stuff they taught us on land. When we got good, we started going down the current.  The first rapid we went on was exhilarating. We all loved it. When flat water came along Brian was pushing people out of his raft. People from other rafts thought this was funny. Then other rafts got close to there raft and were splashing and jumping on there rafts. It was like pirates having a battle. When all of the shenanigans finished we went through a lot more rapids. We then all stopped at the side banks. Nobody  new why but Brian and mr mac went to go look at the rapid what was up ahead. They watched 3 rafts go through it and one flipped. Brian and Mr Mac gave us an option. We could go on this rapid or give it a miss. Everyone was brave enough to go on the rapid. The first and second raft went in fine. The third raft lost there guide and the last raft flipped and everyone fell out. When we got out of the rapid the fourth raft got back in and we continued. We did a bit more and got to a flat. We all jumped onto mr macs raft and pushed him in the water. It took us 10 people to get him in. Then we had 2 more small rapids and finished on a little beach.

We got a bus back to our camp site and had a shower if we wanted to. We then had lunch which was a baguette and we could put all sorts of stuff inside it. We also had salad and potatoes. It was really yummy. Also at lunch the teachers brought out a cake and we sung happy birthday for Addie. We also have her a card and a present. After lunch we were on the road to Kathmandu. We sat on the bus for 4ish hours. Then got of and walked a bit to our hotel. We the went out for a birthday dinner and then we went to bed.

The day promised to include an exceptional amount of shopping time so we headed to breakfast at 8. After a delicious breakfast (which included bacon!) we found out that we’d be heading to Durbar Square. We were told to be back at the hotel at 12 so everyone rushed off to do some shopping. Our purchases included yet more jeanie pants, pashminas, paintings, knives and jewellery.

After the morning spree it was back to the hotel to go to Durbar Square. It was only a 10 minute walk but our surroundings changed considerably the further we walked. There were less and less shops, the streets widened and buildings became more derelict.

Before going there, no one knew much about Durbar Square but when we got there we saw how incredible it was. There were temples everywhere and our ticket told us it is a World Heritage Site.

We got a guide to show us around the various temples and explain their significance. We first visited the temple of Khali, an 8 year old girl who was the living goddess (reincarnation) of Kamari. We weren’t able to see her though as she only shows her face through a small window twice a day at certain times.

Next we visited a temple for Shiva, the god of power and destruction. He is one of the main 3 gods in the Hindu religion and he smoked marijuana. Shiva’s temple, which was huge, was made out of one single tree, which was quite impressive.

After seeing a few more of the temples, such as the erotic temple and hippie temple, we went to the museum which had statues and pictures of kings and gods. By this point everyone was absolutely starving and so we went to find a spot for lunch.

During our marvellous lunch Bryan gave everyone 1500 rupees and the task of buying one present for a family member, an exotic item (he said to interpret exotic as we wished) and food for the plane. We left lunch at around 3:30 and rushed out to do last minute shopping and to complete our task, of course. With a deadline of 6:30 it was a mad dash to get everything we wanted and to spend all our rupees. At 6 our stress levels were through the roof, however, by our deadline we’d all managed to get everything we wanted.

Since our training camp Bryan had promised us that on our last night in Kathmandu he would take us to a place called ‘Fire and Ice’ for pizza, and surprisingly he followed through with his promise! Everyone enjoyed their delicious pizzas and it was a great way to finish off our trip. Tomorrow should be a busy day so hopefully we all get a peaceful nights sleep.

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