Great Victorian Bike Ride update – Day 6

Today we left the beautiful Alexandra, a town which was possibly the nicest town we had been at and one of the most accommodating. After eating brekky our worst fears were realised when the heavens opened and it started to pour. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t stop for quite some time. We made it to the first rest stop, still raining and every item of clothing on us, drenched. We persevered and continued on to the beautiful Marysville where we had lunch and eventually the clouds started to clear.

The next stop was at the black spur hotel where we were stopped as we waited for the road to close. Next was the nicest part of today’s ride and possible the whole ride altogether. We were surrounded by the ferns of the black spur and after some smaller climbs we thoroughly enjoyed the steep decline and having the road to ourselves.

Once arriving in Healesville we set up camp and headed into town where we are now savoring the amazing pies and utilizing the phone charging of the Beechworth bakery. Tomorrow is the last day, which is sad and also exciting. It’s been an amazing journey and it’s been fantastic with this group of students. All have improved and become closer.










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