Great Victorian Bike Ride update – day 2

What a day of ups and downs, literally, on all fronts. We were up early once again and boy it was balmy, the weather hardly supper overnight. We left Yackandandah ready to tackle the day ahead. All 87kms with an extremely tough climb of approx 9km. All students pulled through and it was great to hear stories of how they survived the climb, asking locals for ice, stopping consistently and playing games to stay entertained. Then there was the decline, how interesting. We were briefed at the top on how to tackle it. Pity they didn’t tell us how to handle the weather. Mother Nature took a turn and presented us with lightning, rain and most importantly hail. But we made it. Tents in tact and ready for a shower. Great to have one of the tougher days out of the road. Bring on tomorrow






One thought on “Great Victorian Bike Ride update – day 2

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well done guys. So great to keep up to date with how you are all going. Thanks teachers! You are amazing.

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