World Challenge – Nepal – Day 23

Once again we were lucky enough to have the privilege of being woken up by many excited Nepali children before 6am. We packed up our stuff, then had a delicious breakfast of muesli and pancakes to start our day.

Work began on the wall at 8am. Some students went off to teach, telling the kids about famous landmarks and interesting facts about Australia and of course they sang and danced with the kids, this time, however, breaking out into some Justin Bieber, The Beatles and Taylor Swift. While others worked outside, mixing bags of sand and cement and then carrying it to the brick layers, over and over again, until we had a brick wall standing at over 4 feet two inches tall, some of the students struggling to peer over it. We had done an amazing job and were all thrilled, and very tired.

It was now time for lunch, we feasted on rice, potato and bean curry, Dahl baht, more rice, a spicy pickle sauce and then some more rice. We were all full to the brim and ready for our performance.

We cleaned off and put on our clean clothes, or the cleanest clothes we could find. By now the students had began filing out of the classrooms for lunch time. Each of us were surrounded, some being asked to teach them clapping/handshake games others taking photos and others just talking with us.

At 2 o’clock we all sat down at benches and the goodbye ceremony began. To start off the principal, school captain and other school staff made speeches. Then the dancing began. There were 5 different dances, to begin there was a hip hop style dance, then a group of girls in white matching Indianish outfits with head jewels and lots of jingly silver things did a traditional Nepali dance while 2 girls sang, it was very cool. Next was 2 girls in very bright outfits, they did a Bollywood kind of dance, it was amazing. The crowd loved it! There was another Nepali/bollywoodish style dance with 2 boys and a girl, they got all of us to join in, it was hilarious as none of us could actually dance but so much fun. Then the 2 girls came out again, this time in even brighter outfits and did another Bollywood style dance, once again it was awesome and the crowd absolutely loved it!!!

Between all of this we were given flower necklaces, awarded certificates and had a crippled old man draw with his fingers a line on our foreheads with red powder. Now it was our turn to perform. It was the best performance of the day by far… maybe. However we did get a huge cheer, they loved it. Bryan, Mr Mac, and Miss Ritchie all said a short thanks. Then Addie and Graham made a bit of a longer speech on behalf of us and thanked the school for everything they had done and for allowing us to have such an incredible experience.

Everyone came into the circle and started to dance together. There was a mixture of Nepali music and western music mixed with Bollywood dancing, Nepali dancing, our attempted dancing and even some raving in there. There was some terrible dance moves, including the sprinkler, the lawnmower, the shopping trolley and many more. The crowd got bigger and more excited, and the music got louder. Soon everyone was dancing, and we continued to dance for about an hour. Someone found the red powder stuff, and before we knew it we all had red faces, covered in the powder, people were throwing flowers in the air and still dancing. Finally the last song came on. It ended with a huge cheer.

We all spent a good half hour scrubbing and washing off the red stuff from our smiling faces. Before we knew it it was time for dinner and we all ate several servings of onion bhajies and pasta. Once we had shoved every last crumb into our full tummies and had washed our dishes we relaxed around the calming crackles of a Bonfire.

– Addie Lee-Shaw and Emma Williamson


One thought on “World Challenge – Nepal – Day 23

  1. Deb Wiglesworth says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your adventures. Congratulations on achieving what you have – physically, emotionally, socially and culturally. I can see from the photos how much you have all grown and matured through this “world challenge”

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