World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 22

Day 22

A nice start to the morning with a wake up of Nepali children chatting at 6:00 am, we packed our bags into the classroom before all the school children arrived even though we had a crowd of people already watching us eat breakfast which was a lovely pancake, porridge and fried egg.

Then it was time to get the gloves on and apply sunscreen before heading off to work. Shovelling cement, sand and passing along bricks our wall started to take shape. Layer on layer hour after hour consistently feeding the “brick layers” with materials. At around 10 o clock some people had the chance to go into the classrooms and attempt to teach some English. In younger classes we play games like hangman and go over some basic English and maybe sing some songs. In older classes we can try and help with their English and help with pronouncing words and sentences and learning about Australia.

Eventually it was lunchtime and everyone gathered in the shade to eat. We served ourselves veggies, potato bread, beans and green stuff. Cleaning our dishes after the delicious meal we all set off back to work. Some people swapped and went to teach more classes. The wall continued to grow as we mixed more cement and gathered more bricks. As time went by the wall grew and grew reaching just a bit more than a metre in height.

The work day finished and as the sun began to sink and the games began; people were playing volleyball, soccer and Kobadi. We also drank tea and ate some snacks. Dinner soon came upon us and we all gathered in the dark with our head torches and food utensils, we served ourselves some yummy spring rolls and vegetable momos with cauliflower and sauce. With  full stomaches we sat down to discuss tomorrow’s big day, with lots of work ahead of us. All writing in our diaries and getting organised for bed.

Only 4 full days left and while everyone is sad about leaving here they are excited to be seeing their families so soon…

Matt and Bella


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