World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 21

Day 21

We were meant to wake up at 7.00am, but all the excitement of the kids yelling into our class room, where we were sleeping, saying good morning, got us up at 6.00. We had breakfast at 7.30 which consisted of corn flakes, egg and toast which was very good, it’s nice to have a little western food now and then.

We are three days into our project of helping a local school in Chitwan. We have made great progress on the wall we are constructing, we have made the foundation and have done a few rows of bricks already. Not only have we been building this wall but we have also been joining in with the classes and giving lessons about Australia. The kids love learning about Australia, our animals and cultures but we also love learning about their cultures and their school life. We compared Australian year 9 subjects to Nepali year 9 subjects, they have subjects like accounting and economics, while we talked about Woodwork and Art. They were very interested in Australian music and are constantly trying to get us to sing and dance.

During the days we play some games with locals and sometimes the teachers; we have so far had a, volleyball game, soccer game and have also played the national game of Nepal called Kabbadi, it’s quite strange compared to our usual Australian games but is also very fun and the kids enjoy it (Finn seems to be loving the sport).

We had pancakes, cauliflower and potatoes for lunch then went back to work, we went with half the group going to teach and the other half going to build. It was a long few hours until about 5.00 when we stopped and had tea, and then got into our long pants and long shirts to protect us from the mosquitoes.

After dinner we said bye to some of the locals who stayed to play games with us set up our mosquito nets and some of us set up our tents and went to bed for another big day ahead of us.

By Poppy M and Adam


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