World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 18

Day 18 blog entry

Today consisted of waking up at 6am with a quick breakfast at am/pm cafe. The bus arrived at around nine thirty at our hotel to take us all the way to Chitwan. The bus ride was long and hot where we found ourselves in comfortable hotel surrounded by elephants and luscious tropical trees.

After settling in we decided to head out in to the unknown to find ourselves some well-deserved lunch. We discussed our rest and relaxation plans for the upcoming week and organised transport over our delicious veggie fried rice.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and intensively practiced our performance on the street for all the locals to see, it was so good that they all seemed to whip out their cameras and film. Around 7pm we decided to go back into town to enjoy some more Dahl baht for dinner. We served the food, which consisted of rice, Dahl and curry and enjoyed dinner in a roof – top restaurant.


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