World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 16

Last full day of trek.

Altitude hardened, fit from marching up thousand upon thousands of stairs we were hardcore. The day we had planned for us would of left us gasping for sweet sweet oxygen at the start of the trek, but now us legionnaires of the mountains intended to squash it in 4 hours and be done before lunch. And squash it we did, triumphant we marched to Australia camp hungry for more and lunch.

We were set up for a chill afternoon, but that would be no more…

In swooped a tremendous beast, with a 3m wingspan this terror of the skies was a scavenger. The vulture draws a circle around us, we weren’t dead so it decided to call it a day and roosts. Professional bird watchers from Argentina were magnetised to the beast as well.

Form a circle step back, Ninja time. Name of the game ninja, aim of the game to slap your neighbours hand when it’s your turn. Some of us have the Gurkha spirit flow through us  gifting lightning reflexes, others weirded out by some members sudden possession are a bit tentative to play. Slaps and annoyed/excited yells proceed for 15 minutes declaring the victor.

Benji and Sasha


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