World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 15

Day 15 Blog Entry – team B

The day began the same as any other day on the trek minus Mr Mac, Poppy Cay, Addie, Babu, Rinjin and Brian. You can probably guess what we had for breakfast. With the expectations set high for the fabled hot springs we took to the down hill climb once again at a blistering pace.

The trek was short and as our fitness had improved with leaps and bounds it was found easy among the group. As the troupe had forgotten the feel of hot water on most parts of their body the 50 rupee fee for an hour was insignificant. The hot springs were situated on the banks of a mountain fed river. The first touch of the warm water on bodies made the individual melt into the water. It had been a long time since this sensation had occurred. Opposites of hot calm water beside a rushing torrent of freezing liquid somehow only added to the relaxation. Skin pruned and time up sorrowfully the group had to leave.

Smelling a great deal better we enjoyed a lunch of bread, coleslaw, more spam and potatoes. With just a glance it was obvious that the groups energy level was slowly diminishing. None the less we commenced the afternoon trekking session. It was the same terrain as always, little bit up and a little bit down. Nepali flat.

It was a quiet walk over a few landslides, several physic defying bridges and through multiple villages, each one luring in tired tourists with free Wi-Fi. As always there were insane amounts of stairs leading into the village where we would spend the night. When we arrived we found the tents set up in a perfect row with not a crease. Thanking The Lord and porters for this gesture with some chill out time before dinner on the street. God is good.

Last full day tomorrow and there are mixed emotions throughout the group.

Sash & Benji


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