World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 9

Day 9 Blog Entry

We were woken up to an incredible sunrise looking over fishtail mountain at 6am. For breakfast we had porridge and an omelette. We were given 2 hours to prepare for the 5 hour walk ahead of us, which we were told was the easiest day of them all.

We left walking down through a rhodendron forrest and then crossed a bridge to begin our ascent. We walked across what the Nepalese call hills but are still higher then any other point in Australia. The views along the hill were spectacular, there was mountains and hills as far as the eye could see and the snowy summit of our goal towering over the rest.

During lunch we made a friend, his name was Leo and he was a dog. Leo joined us on our trek for about half an hour, but then we lost him when he stopped to sniff some donkeys. Luckily, he showed up again 20 minutes later. For lunch we had mini frankfurts and salads.

The walk was fairly easy being one of the shortest in time we have done. The campsite was very good, we set up overlooking our next day’s walk and the climb we had to do, the boys set up their tents, very eager to play on the only basketball court we have seen the whole trip. We played with our Sherpas who we have come to be very good friends and it was a heap of fun.

Day 9


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