World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 8

Day 8 – Blog entry

Today 12 of us woke up bright and early, or early and dark I should say, at 4:30, to trek up to Poon Hill to watch the sunrise. The trek was supposed to be around an hour and a half to the top of Poon Hill (in the dark) and an hour back to the guest house in Ghorepani, but instead it was approximately an hour up and 30 minutes down. The top of Poon Hill was amazing in the dark, let alone during the sunrise, with a sea of clouds on one side and ice capped mountains on the other. And it was cold.

When we got down, we meet up with the others who didn’t go on the little trek to Poon Hill. We had breakfast and got sorted to go on our big trek to Tadapani. For breakfast we had porridge which some people struggled to enjoy, while others were pleased. We also had a boiled egg and some bread. After breakfast we packed and then exited and started day 3 of our trek.

The start of the trek was quite cool (cold cool) which left many people in warm jackets and long pants and as we trekked we noticed that the track was becoming less and less man made, so the path was becoming rockier and roomier which I (Ave) really liked. After going up and down and up stairs, we arrived at a narrow path, with steep sides, overlooking the sea of clouds on one side and snowy mountains on the other. From then we went down, up and down more on a rooty path slowly declining in altitude (which was over 2500 metres) and going through and under the clouds until lunch.

At lunch we had a lovely seat outside over looking a massive cliff face. We had potatoes, bread, ham and some beans. We all took our time and had a wonderful lunch. For the second part of day 8’s trek, the path was even more natural As it wound through the trees as we made our way up to Tadapani.

All in all I think it was a pretty good day and once again we realised how good our life is in Australia and were reminded again and again of that fact when the porters overtake us with loads of heavy bags or great big baskets hanging onto their forehead by a strap and knowing that they get paid less than 10 dollars for a day of heaving 30, 40, 50 kilos over mountains. So we are grateful.

~Ave, MichaelDay 8 3 Day 8 4 Day 8


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