World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 6

Day 6 – Blog entry

This morning at 5:30, we awoke to the lovely sound of Milly banging on our doors, and at 6:15 we rushed to the café for breakfast. The bus taking us to the start of our trek was to arrive at the hotel at 7am so there was little time for us to eat. After a delicious meal we hurried back to the hotel and packed our bags quickly for the bus trip. After just half an hour we were no longer looking out at strips of shops and tourist attractions but were surrounded by farms and hills. We were now able to see the mountains, that we’d once seen from our hotel rooms, far more clearly.

About an hour into our bus trip the bus started heating up, but then out of the blue the bus was filled with smoke. Everyone had to get out of the bus as the guides tried to sort out the problem. 10 minutes later we were on our way again. It wasn’t until after we got to camp  that we found out they had forgotten to put the radiator cap on. When we got to our destination, we sat down for some caramel slice to celebrate Milly’s birthday, but the celebrations didn’t last long as soon we were on the road walking up the mountain. I think everyone was surprised at the kids standing by the side of the road asking us for chocolate.

The views we saw along the trek were incredible. As we stopped for lunch, which consisted of lemon cordial, soup, bread with yak cheese, mackerel and coleslaw, we got to look out at a river which passed through the mountains. It was back to the road for us as we continued our trek. When we finally approached our campsite most of us were pretty tired. The view from our campsite was absolutely stunning and it made the difficult day worth it. We set up our tents and had tea which was well deserved. We rested up before dinner and after which, we all had a goodnight’s sleep, ready for tomorrow’s task.

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