World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 12

Day 12 Blog Entry

This cold but wonderful morning/bihaana we awoke at the exceptional time of 6 o clock to drink our tea in bed, then it was time to fill our bags with swag and eat our delicious breakfast. With a lovely starter of porridge, we topped it off with eggs, bread and a nice cup of tea.

Then it was time to set off on our trek, don’t worry we put sunscreen on. Shubash led the way up the rocky path. Today was a short trek only 180 minutes, although it was a bit difficult for some with altitude, some people had headaches but by the time we had got to camp at 3700 m everyone had acclimatised. We got to the Machhapuchre Base Camp at around 11 o clock and it was time for lunch!

At lunch we ate potatoes, bread, cheese and spam. It was very yum, after that we had an hour to relax and acclimatise, some chose to play card games, write in journals or just have a rest. At 2 o clock we set of on another short trek to help us get used to altitude and see the amazing view of the mountains covered in snow, we ended up at about 4000 m and had to walk/slide/fall down the mountain.

When we returned we had some tea and biscuits and a nice chat about tomorrow’s trek, then we had more time to relax, play cards and some decided to play soccer with our Sherpas, it got very cold as the clouds drifted in around us, so went into the tea house dining room to have dinner.

At dinner we all sat down around the table and got ready to eat. We had a lovely serve of rice, pasta and potatoes with a special sauce. Afterwards we had an even more special treat of fresh apple pie and boiling hot chocolate. After this we talked, talked about tomorrow and prepared for a big day and an early (read 4.30 wake up for 5am start) morning with a sleep.

-Matt and BellaDay 12 1 Day 12


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