World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 11

Day 11 Blog entry

Feel the cold feel the altitude, we were kms above sea level and it was chilling us.

We were awoken from our slumber by the gushing sounds of water falling from waterfalls and the tinkling sounds of the kitchen boys offering sweet black tea. Children and Sherpas alike, covered themselves in down and woollen hats to fend off the cold.

Breakfast as usual, no rice pudding which was a win, but Mr Mac had to suffer through another bowl of porridge.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, we were off at 7:47 sharp despite certain members of the group being quite lethargic.

Trekking through the morning cool in the splendid mountain forest.

The only sounds were the metallic ping of walking sticks hitting the ground and the compulsory ‘Namaste’ to the locals. As we rose so did the temperature; long sleeves became short sleeves, pants became shorts and beanies became hats. Lathered in sunscreen were the fair skinned, poor wretched souls unable to face the very thing that gives life to this planet.

Once again we ruined traditional Nepali staples with our “western” condiments. Lashings of peanut butter were prolific. But to be fair it was nice to have some fresh veggies as apposed to veggies with the life cooked out of them.

The afternoon trek was uphill and we had the girls up the front to set a good pace to  keep the group together. The sun was beating down on our backs as we clambered up, closely followed by the Sherpas as they looked like they were walking in a park. Every so often we were herded to the side as strained porters carrying jerry cans full of kerosene on their back, while others had big baskets filled to the brim with vegetables and food stuffs.

The time flew by and before we knew it we were 3200m about sea level and looking forward to a good night’s rest in a tea house. Like flies honey western children are drawn to the tempting displays of Pringles, Twixes and Mars bars . It’s a bizarre sensation sitting here typing this and watching the indomitable clouds march towards us with only the worst of intentions.

Come sunrise tomorrow we will journey to Machapuchare base camp, we will go no further up that mountain as it is sacred ground.

-Sash & BenjiDay 11


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