World Challenge Update – Nepal – Day 10

Day 10 Blog Entry

Today we awoke at the usual time of 6:00 am for tea in bed. We had an hour to pack up our bags and tents, when we jumped out of our tents eager to start the day we noticed the clouds had cleared the sky and snow capped mountains were visible. For breakfast today the chefs mixed it up and decided to serve us rice pudding instead of porridge and we then got served an egg with a pancake.

Just before we left to do today’s hike we filled up our water bottles and got in a circle to do some stretching as a group. Then we set off for our 5 hour adventure through the wilderness of Nepal to arrive at Bamboo at 2:00 pm. During the trek we stopped to have lunch, we had tuna casserole, yak cheese tomato and bread.

After lunch we only had 2 hours left of walking, it took us over rocks, creeks and logs. We always had spectacular views of mountains and the jungle, Just before we reached the campsite we had to climb though a small village called Bamboo, where we camped for the night. Bamboo was a quaint little village with great views of the mountains especially fishtail, before we had dinner we saw a goat frolicking on the hill side.

We had dinner which was great as usual then we had a chat about what we were doing the next day, after that we brushed our teeth and went to bed, for an early start as always.

Connor & JakeDay 10


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