World Challenge Update – Day 5

Day 5 Blog Entry

Today we were able to have quite a rare sleep in as we woke up at 7:00 as we hadn’t yet planned the day. We had breakfast at a small western cafe. Popular choices were pancakes or The am/pm Breakfast which was a baguette with your choice of eggs and tea or coffee.

After breaky we went back to hotel to freshen up and discuss the day. We all decided that we wanted to go to Devi’s Falls and the Bat Cave so Chris and Ave researched them and lead the way.

Devi’s Falls was about 3km away from our hotel. It was a beautiful place with a massive waterfall leading to a river. However it was packed with tourists, a lot of them wanting a picture with us. After a lot of smiling we left and walked to the bat cave (which was only across the road). It turned out that it wasn’t actually home to any bats, you walked through a maze of caves into a large clearing. There was an opening of the cave letting in a tiny amount if light, it was just enough to see the amazing water pool.

Once we had seen enough we headed off and stopped off for lunch half way home, we stopped off at a little place beside the river near our hotel called Don’t Pass Me By. It was half western and half Nepalese. Some of us had burgers while others had rice or momos.

Once home we had about 2 hours to hang around the hotel, we wrote in our journals, showered and packed for the trek tomorrow, while the food people looked for a place for dinner and bought some snacks.

We ended up going to dinner at a small Tibetan restaurant, it wasn’t great and took quite a while for the food to be served but we were all so tired it hardly mattered. We finally headed back to the hotel and had a quick recap then went to bed. Today was a really tiring as it was hot and sunny but very exciting as we saw heaps.

– Addie and Emma


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