World Challenge Update #4

Day 4

An early start at 5am, ready for a tedious and tiring 10 hour bus ride to Pokhara, when we met in the foyer there were pastries and danishes waiting to be devoured. After idiot checks and key returns we walked 10 minutes with our packs to the bus departure. Just about to set off, street sellers tried selling their snack supplies to us through the windows (they were in no luck).

Two hours into the trip we were already at our first break and ahead of schedule. We stopped at a little restaurant on the side of the road where we bought chai tea. Hopping back onto the bus the views just kept getting better and better, you could see the summits of the white capped mountains, it was truly breathtaking, it was like something you would see on a postcard.

Two hours later we arrived out our lunch break, where we had traditional Nepalese food.

We were on the bus for another 2 hours until we arrived in Pokhara, we were 3 hours ahead of schedule so we had enough time to go shopping and explore our home for the next day. First arriving to Pokhara was quite different to what many of us expected. Although it is still such a beautiful place it is very different to what it looks in pictures on the internet and in postcards. After doing some serious shopping, buying genie pants, bags, scarfs, jewellery and things for the trek we all walked back to our hotel rooms, kicked our shoes off and had some down time where we had the opportunity to write in our daily diaries, and get prepared for the trek.

By Poppy Cay and Milly.


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