World Challenge Update #3

The day began with a long wait for our barely sustaining breakfast at the local bakery where we sat on the roof over looking the very dense streets of Kathmandu. After breakfast we then had a meeting about our project and we discussed what we will be doing and what is included.

We walked through the streets of Kathmandu to get to the Swayambhunath temple which is a famous ancient monkey temple. The walk was a beautiful walk as we saw different aspects of the Kathmandu streets and the views for amazing. We also decided to have lunch on the walk… Half of the students had to sit in owners house which was a weird but crazy experience. After a one and a half hour wait we had a delicious vegetable thali.

The temple has been the highlight so far. Monkeys were everywhere, pray candles and flags lined the surrounding of the temple, the famous eyes that bring peace to the valley and the view of entire city was spectacular.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

We ventured home amazed and hungry wanting to diminish our carvings for momos and choimein.

Molly & Quin


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