World Challenge Update #2.



After an overwhelming night and an early morning we gathered outside in the courtyard at the fun and enjoyable time of 7:45. We went to get breakfast at a lovely bakery just down the road. We ate all sorts of pastries including croissants and danishes. After brekkie we went back to the hotel to meet our in-country agent, Andrew. He talked to us about our trek, food and other things.

Then it was time to organise! Everyone extremely excited and enthusiastic all sat down to do some work. ☺ We split up into groups to find our accommodation, food, budget and transport. Eventually after a long hours work it was time to eat. At the Nepali restaurant there were lots of different options including lots of momos, talis, rice and curry. After lunch it was time to go shopping, we all split into groups of 4 and we had an hour and a half to explore. There were endless amount of clothes and accessories, the most popular were genie pants and necklaces. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to relax and at 5 pm we had another meeting but this time with the white water rafting crew, we discussed prices and arranged the dates, times and places. By then we had another hour to shop before dinner. When we got back Brian took us to an interesting restaurant that looked like a treehouse. Inside looking at the menu it seemed to be all western food. Eating dinner around a little table we had to all sit cross legged and it was very squishy. Comfortable…

After a bunch of full bellies and stiff legs we all struggled up and out of the restaurant to go shopping again for one more hour. It was dark but full of life with most shops all lit up till late. At 9 pm it was time to go back to the hotel and recap on the day, everyone was exhausted so soon after everyone went to bed.

Overall the day was tiring but lots of fun. We found lots of things and learnt a lot of skills. We also boosted our spirits from the long plane ride.


Written by Matt and Bella


One thought on “World Challenge Update #2.

  1. Toni (Michael's mum) says:

    Thanks to Matt and Bella. Great to hear that everyone is eating so well. Looking forward to see all the goodies that have been bought. Happy travels to Pokhara.

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