VCAL Students to Gain Additional Hospitality Units

As a part of the VCAL Personal Development subject, students are accessing Hospitality Units from the new Certificate III in Hospitality. Holmesglen TAFE will auspice the units which will be taught at the Sandringham College Senior Campus.  Like last year, Year 11 VCAL students will gain their Food Handler’s Certificate and their Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (RSA). Many have achieved both these already. The elective units which will be taught this year include ‘Contribute to workplace innovation, Communicate in the workplace, Participate in safe food handling practices, Plan & cost basic menus  and Package prepared foodstuffs’. A total of eleven different units will be taught in conjunction with the Personal Development learning outcomes. It will provide the students with another two VCAL /VCE units and a certificate of attainment from Holmesglen TAFE.  The 2013 VCAL Year 12 students will have these to add to their Certificate II in Hospitality. The students learn well through practical activities and completing vocational units allow the students to gain valuable experience which is sought after by employers. Check out the photos to see what the VCAL students have been up to.



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