An update from the students: School for Student Leadership

the team

It is the 23rd of February and we are starting our fourth week at the Snowy River Campus. The past three weeks have been a blur of settling into the new environment, meeting new people and learning new skills. So far, we have participated in bridge building, surfing, canoeing, biking, expo skills and peer skills, beliefs and values and thinking and learning.
On our first week, we had expo skills, which was a 5 km hike to the aerodrome and back and we learnt how to set up our tents and use trangias to cook our dinners and we also practised some different leadership roles that our expos require. Tomorrow, we are spending the whole day with our partner school, Maffra, to pack for our first expedition and the day after, we will set off for our first night away from campus.
We have also started our Passports and this afternoon we will continue on them. There are six criteria’s in total that need to be completed, and our group is working really well on them.
Our ILP’s were also chosen last week, which is an individual learning project, so now we have a set goal to focus on for the next few weeks.
Our CLP is coming along really well and we have nearly completed our master plan, which is a formal document that outlines are progresses, challenges and successes. We have communicated with both an elderly home and a disability primary school, and we are currently finalising and setting dates.
All in all, we are taking each amazing opportunity as they come and are having the most incredible experience and we will keep in touch before our journey ends,
From Katherine Ellison and the rest of the Sandringham team.


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