School for Student Leadership – Update 2

DSCF5135The following is another update from a teacher at the School for Student Leadership, it sounds like they are having an amazing time!

This early in the program I am happy to report that the team has settled in well and are beginning to come to terms with everyday life at the Snowy River Campus. Students are now active participants in everyday life at the Snowy River Campus and have been taking on responsibilities such as- being student leader, cleaning duties, dishes duties, washing their clothes, managing a bedroom with a complete stranger and learning to live with 44 other students. Many aspects of the residential nature of the program will result in many challenges, stresses and ultimately, great personal development.

Last week has been very busy ,with Intro to Canoes, Peer Skills, Susatinability and have discovered a bit more about the diversity in the ways individuals think and learn and their preferred thinking styles.
We have also enjoyed a day out with our expo team and learnt valuable skills like how to set up tents, cook on trangias and fulfil team roles on expeditions. This has given the confidence when we head off on our first expedition in just over a week to the beautiful Cape Conran Coastal Park. This will provide a fantastic practical opportunity for the team to put together all these skills to safely explore the beautiful wilderness areas around Cape Conran as a united team! We will provide you with an update upon our return.

The team have been working hard to gain more focus and direction for their Community Learning Project. They also learnt the value of goals setting and developed Individual Learning Plans(ILP), which you should of now received.The students have decided on a topic for the CLP called Spice to Life. They intend to arrange an activities day for an elderly home and disabled students. This will involve them attending their residence or school and entertaining them with some of their skills.

Thinking and Learning are classes, in which we explain the different types of mental strengths and preferences people have. We help students identify their own abilities and also look at developing less preferred thinking styles. We also look at how we can best function and work with people who have vastly different thinking styles to our own; this helps students value the importance of diversity in any team. Finally, we look at how different thinking styles can be used to approach a problem or challenge from various angles.

In Peer Skills classes we look at a range of social and personal skills which will enable students to make the most of their time at the Snowy River Campus. In the initial classes we look at aspects of effective communication, questioning and listening which will enable students to engage with and support others. We also present the students various models and strategies for dealing with problems, both one-on-one and in groups. Finally, we finish up with a sequence looking at conflict resolution, the different beliefs and values which lead to conflict, and do self assessments which reveal how each individual responds to conflict.

Mr. Paterson


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