Year 7 ACE Poem

A poem by Stephanie in the ACE program.

Journal Entry No. 1 – Poem

My first day of school…YIKES! What a change!

So different from primary school, so much to arrange.

As I arrived, my heart started racing.

What was this experience was I facing?

Whole school assembly with so many there,

It all sound so hectic, so much to prepare!

Anxious about, form allocation.

What was I worried about? Great form, such elation.


Navigation…Oh Boy! Even with a map,

It took me some time to fathom that.

I got so disorientated on the first day,

But by weeks end, it was almost my way.

Week two came around, I felt less perplexed,

I was rather excited about what would come next.

Textiles and Music, Humanities too.

All of these subjects I just love to do!


A canteen always open, dance as a sport,

Food Tech and VisCom are also taught.

Lunchtimes are shorter but that is okay,

It means we are out earlier at the end of the day.

Grabbing books for two periods at the end of each break,

Can sometimes mean a lot to take.

I am now getting used to it, and have conquered the fear,

I am hoping year seven will be a good year!




2 thoughts on “Year 7 ACE Poem

  1. Jane Stewart says:

    Awesome Stephanie!

  2. Roy Whitby says:

    Great poem. I read it out to my Year 12Physics class. They liked it too.
    Roy Whitby

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