School For Student Leadership – Update 1


On Sunday, students from Sandringham Campus started at the Snowy River Campus. Students seemed to have settled in well and our loving their new environment. The following is an excerpt from an e-mail from the staff there:

“The students have spent the past few days exploring and learning about the Snowy River campus, their hopes and concerns for their time here and have also spent lots of time getting to know staff and students. Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent with their ‘expo team’, Maffra, undertaking challenge and ice breaker activities. Yesterday we all spent the day on the Marlo Foreshore and the team worked really well together to build a bridge and develop teamwork skills and positive relationships (see picture attached). Students will spend today doing expo skills and on the weekend with Darren McCubbin, learning about their beliefs and values, which I hope you have all heard about.”

I will endeavour to keep the updates coming as the students progress throughout the term! Adam Paterson


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