Great Victorian bike ride final update

Done. Finished. Finito.

By now all students will be home cradled in their parents arms and finally having a shower. Today was the last ride and quite an easy one at that, only 40km. The beautiful thing about today was seeing everyone mix. As the ride was flat we had a continuous chain linking sometimes 20-30 cyclists.

The best part was riding the last 10kms with the whole group. It really was a great feeling of satisfaction crossing the finish line together with a huge crowd of parents cheering us on. There were some tears at the finish and also huge hugs of gratitude and happiness.

Huge thanks to the students who really were fantastic. Also to the teachers for coming along and supporting the students. Let’s not forget the parents who gave up their own time and were a mentor to all students. Lastly and most importantly Michael Mcgowan (gowie) who put a huge amount of time, effort, dedication, sweat and passion into creating an amazing culture and creating a fantastic team. Now, to sleep! Night!












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