Great Victorian bike ride #5

Today was a fantastic day. The whole team was on a high after some epic rap battles last night and threw this power onto the road.

We started with a climb but were soon rewarded with a fantastic decent from deans marsh down into Lorne. It was quite amazing wearing down the road being surrounded by luscious rainforest.

Once into Lorne we had lunch, a lovely Caesar salad and were also forced to have some extra break as the road wasn’t closed until 11:30. This allowed for the teachers to talk tactics and strategies for the afternoon (aka told stories about how good they used to be, over a coffee).

At 11:30 it was like the start of a marathon with thousands heading back onto the road. The police did a great job in closing the road and policing it the whole way through.

From Lorne we made our way to Anglesea and finally getting into torquay. The views were stunning and a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the road to ourselves.

A few things that have made this ride is the community feeling surrounding it. It’s a fantastic feeling riding past locals who are waving and cheering us on from their front yards. I have continually been amazed by how well the students have helped and looked after one another. As soon as someone stopped or needed help, the whole team they were riding with were at their side.

As we got into Torquay the sun continued to shine and we lapped up the sunshine from our camp. It was great to have some parents come down and say g’day and also to tell some students off about their sunburn.

Only 40kms to go tomorrow and I can’t wait to go over the line as a team. Signing off now, thanks for listening. Patto











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