Harrison Craig – Winner of “The Voice” 2013


Congratulations to Harrison Craig for winning the television show, The Voice! Harrison was a member of “Team Seal” and surpassed all of the other contestants to win this prestigious award. Harrison has been a student at Sandringham College since year 7 and graduated last year with the Class of 2012. We have had the pleasure of experiencing Harrison’s wonderful voice on many occasions over the years, including assemblies and graduation nights. Harrison also appeared in several College Productions including The Forbidden Planet and Pirates of Penzance where he had lead roles, even as a younger student. He also made guest appearances over the years, singing at many Winter Dance and Sandy Feet dance performances. Harrison was also a featured lead singer at the State Schools Spectacular, where he was mentored by the acclaimed Chong Lim. Harrison was so valued and respected by his teachers and peers that he was selected as Music Captain in year 12. We are all thrilled to see such a fine, humble young man be recognised for his gift and talent. He is another example of a highly successful Sandringham College student. Well done Harrison!


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