School of student leadership – CLP day and visit

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited along to gnurad gundidj – the school of student leadership. Our 6 year 9 students have been away for almost 5 weeks. They have been away from family, friends and school in order to focus on their leadership skills in a completely different environment.

As I arrived at the campus there were lots of students everywhere, helping with parking, name tags and greetings. It was clear that the students owned this place.

As I walked in I was greeted by our students. They were extremely happy and excited. I was then dragged here and there, told their stories and shown their dorms. They’d had some amazing experiences.

Next we sat and ate lunch then it was time for presentations. Our students were well represented. Molly hosted the presentations. Izzy was student leader for the day. Ella played a piece on the piano and Quinn played a song he had written.

The presentation done by bout students focused on rubbish and sustainability at sandringham college. It was a passionate and focused presentation showing their talents.

At the end of the day we debriefed and spoke about then coming back to school. It was apparent that even in a short time these students had learnt and developed so much. I encourage all future year 9 students to consider their application for the school of student leadership.















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