World Challenge Update – Number 8 (Rest and relaxation in Hoi An and Hue)

We arrived in Danang on an overnight train from Hanoi at 1:30pm and took a 2 hour bus to Hoi An, where our best hotel so far was to await us. The hotel had a pool so almost immediately we were in the pool cooling off. After that we went to the town centre of Hoi An and then went to a tailor where we proceeded to have all of our craziest ideas come to real life. From leather shorts to suits from The Mentalist and even some orange party suits, everyone had what they wanted.

The food in Hoi An has been magnificent with everyone trying the local cuisine. On our second day we went on a shopping spree and bought presents and souvenirs all over the town.

The third day we went to My Son, where temples from the 6th Century have still stand today. We had a guided tour around the valley and viewed many ancient temples which were very interesting.

On our last day we went to Hue where we had a boat ride down the Perfume river to an old pagoda. We walked around it with our guide and he talked to us about the tradition about the monks that pray there. After that we went on a bus to The Hue Citadel where we walked around and inside palaces containing interesting information about kings and queens of Vietnam. One king even managed to have over 100 children. Now we are heading to Ha Long Bay.

Sam and Max


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