World Challenge Update – Number 6 (4 Day Sapa Trek)

We started the Sapa trek early, one foggy , morning. A group of H’mong ( hill tribe) ladies met us at our hotel door and led us down the path to start our trek. We walked through the muddy rice fields with slips, trips and difficult terrain along the way. The trek provided us with beautiful sceneries of bamboo, rice fields, mountains and valleys. The ladies were there to help us through any tricky spots and held your hand if you fell over.

We trekked 15 kilometres each day and went to bed completely exhausted.  Our first homestay which gave us a great place to relax and play games on the pool table.

The second day was very much the same. We crossed some rickety bridges and were helped by a much younger group of girls. It rained all night which made the terrain even more difficult to climb on the third day so we took an alternative route.
We got to our lunch homestay and decided that it would be safer for us to go back to the village that we stayed in the previous night due to the rain.

The final day of the Sapa trek involved about an hour and a half of uphill walking to get to our bus. Overall it was a really amazing trek and everyone had so much fun!

Gen,  Madeleine and Nikki! Xoxo


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