World Challenge Update – Number 5 (Conquering Fansipan)

Hi all,

Enjoy the photo below from the summit of Fansipan. The challengers put in an amazing effort. After 7 days of trekking, we conquered Fansipan in just 2 days instead of 3. Unfortunately we were missing Gen and Mr McNamara due to Gen being ill. Needless to say they were missed, but they’re with us in spirit. We are now in Hanoi once more and tonight we will take a 15 hr train journey to Hoi An.

I can’t believe how quickly the time is now going-just over a week until we will see you all again!!

Ms Hindle


3 thoughts on “World Challenge Update – Number 5 (Conquering Fansipan)

  1. Toni says:

    Well done you guys! What a wonderful experience. 😀

  2. nigelkain says:

    Great to hear what is going on, enjoy Hoi An and make sure you visit Mr Xe to get your clothing made.

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