Staff versus students soccer game at Sandy 7-10 Campus

And yet another exciting, fun and enjoyable end of year soccer match that was battled by the Yr 10 students against the staff. There was evidence of loads of talent and skill among students but also from student teachers Evan Stopp and Helen Stebbins. The support from the crowd was also overwhelming which added a lot of value to the game. Although the students placed tremendous pressure and were mostly on the staff’s half, they were unable to score. They missed a penalty (taken by Cameron Gilhooley) as the staff goal keeper (Evan) was calm, courageous and too skilful blocking the ball away. The staff  had a little more luck going their way and the one time they managed to come down, they were able to get the ball on target.

 ImageImageImageA great lunchtime activity. Thank you to all staff and students who participated in the game. Also a big thank you to Kelsey Handcock who took some great photos.   (….and also thank you Mary Tonios for arranging the match)



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