World Challenge Update – Number 4 (Acclimatisation trek in Mai Chau)

On the 10th of November the world challenge team embarked on our first trek in Mai chau. We had a beautiful tour guide named Trang, who shared her knowledge and was easy to socialise with.

Over the course of the 3 days Trang tested the groups ability to speak Vietnamese and taught us many new words and phrases.

We had picturesque views whilst trekking though the mountains and the terrain was steep and slippery at times. We trekked through villages and passed several waterfalls and local woman carrying baskets of rice in their heads.

Each night of the trek there was a warm welcome from the tribal people who’s homestays we stayed in. The homestays were a large communal sleeping room with beds – boys and girls on separate sides.

On the second night the homestay was on stilts and the owner of the homestay was generous enough to offer everyone a herbal foot bath which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was very interesting to see how the local people live and learn about there culture and lifestyle.

Overall it was a great experience and learnt a lot about the culture of Vietnamese people, as well as making new friends and having an amazing time.

By Kate, Tilly and Gabby.


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