Beaumaris Campus 3C9

As part of the 3C9 program students at Beaumaris Campus have been enjoying the City Experience.

Activities have included a bird’s eye view of the city from the Eureka Tower, followed by an orienteering exercise to get to know the CBD.

Last week students visited the Ian Potter gallery of the NGV and participated in a tour of Melbourne’s history as seen through the eyes of our artists.  This was very informative and enjoyable and some of the students stayed on in the gallery to explore the Indigenous Art.

In the afternoon, all the Year 9 students visited the Shrine of Remembrance and participated in an educational presentation and tour focusing on Australians at war and the values of courage, teamwork, commitment and loyalty as displayed by our vetrans.

This week students will be ‘Walking Birrarung’ with Dean from the Koorie Heritage Centre and learning about the Aboriginal history of early Melbourne.

During these tours student have been using the iPads by filming, photographing and recording material for their group presentation at the end of the unit.


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