Hello everyone,

I’ve finally had some time to sit down to write this blog, but it will be a short one seeing as it’s currently 12.15am!

We left King’s Lynn with plenty of tears, but also a sense of excitement to reach LONDON! We have had so many wonderful experiences here that it’s almost impossible to fit it all in one post.

Here is a very brief rundown:


  • On the way to London we stopped in Ely where we walked through the cathedral. This was the first building of this size and style we had entered, and it left every single one of us in awe.
  • We then went on to Cambridge which was an amazing experience. We did not have much time there, so we set the students free to wonder the cobble stone streets with an assignment. They each had to come back with a fact about the city – most of them came back aspiring to study there!
  • We finally arrived in London where we had some time to unpack and relax before dinner and our first theatre performance, Matilda, which we unanimously agreed was FANTASTIC!

DAY 6:

  • The next day, we woke up had a delcious breakfast at the university before heading to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. We were lucky enough to be treated to the extended version due to some dignitries who were present.
  • After that, we moved on to Trafalgar Square for the National Gallery where we were treated to Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne amongst others!
  • We then headed to our second performance – Billy Elliot. Unfortunately we had the understudy perform for us, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped.

DAY 7:

  • We started the day with a tour of Westminster Abbey. It is very difficult to describe the opulence inside, and I believe that the experience will be one the students won’t ever forget.
  • Later we moved to the TATE gallery where we were once again treated to masterpieces like Picasso and Dali. We have been very spoilt, indeed!
  • Later, it was time for the Jack The Ripper tour. Our guide was an absolute expert in the field, and her spooky tales were too much for poor Jess A who had to put her ipod in and look away. The students spent the rest of the night coming up with conspiracy theories surrounding the murders.


  • This morning we started the day at the Camden Markets. The students had so many shopping bags that we had to come home to put them away before heading to the Tower of London.
  • At the Tower of London we took a photo of what is remaining of the original wall built by the Roman Empire to protect the city. Inside the tower, we learnt more about the Royal history of this great country, among other things, we were able to see the Royal Jewels.
  • After an early dinner, we were off to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where we watched Henry V.

Tomorrow is our last day in London, and we will start the day visiting the sets of the Harry Potter films. This is a treat not only for the media students on the tour, but for the rest of us Harry Potter fans as well.

All of the students are having a great time! Hopefully they have had a chance to contact you all!

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One thought on “AV / AP TOUR

  1. christine jones says:

    Thank you Enza for your updates and photos they are are enjoyable reading!

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