AV / AP TOUR Day 1

The beginning of our tour was not without drama as our flight out of Melbourne was delayed by close to two hours, leaving us only five minutes to board our connecting flight in Hong Kong. We were treated like royalty on our Qantas flight as our flight attendant’s nephew was an ex student at the Sandringham College Senior Campus! No such luck on the British Airways leg unfortunately, and after what felt like an eternity on a bumpy flight, we FINALLY arrived at Heathrow at 6am London time.

London immediately felt like home as we boarded a bus for a three hour ride to Kings Lynn, Norfolk via Castle Rising in the pouring rain! Luckily the sun came out just in time for the castle tour, and the students (and teachers) were delighted to be able to stretch our legs in the open fields – even if we did have to climb over stone walls, walk through ankle deep puddles of water, and up very steep hills!

We later arrived to our sister school, Springwood High School, where we were greeted by our home hosts. As soon as we entered the hall and met our incredibly welcoming host families, any apprehension was defused as the excitement kicked in and off we went to spend the first night separate from the group.

Our students will now spend four days shadowing their host student in the classroom as well as attending various group drama workshops and excursions around Norfolk.

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