Year 8 Camp to ‘The Summit’

monster challengeThe staff team after monster challengeSky BridgeWombat HoleMr Wegner overcoming his fears

Last week the Sandy 7-10 year 8 level went to camp near Trafalgar at ‘The Summit’. All 102 students had a great time with the activities that were on offer. Students were placed into groups of about 15 where they completed 7 rotations of activities. They were challenged with high ropes activities such as leap of faith, the sky bridge, the giant swing and the flying fox. They were asked to play with snakes and walk over a bed of nails, crawl through wombat holes , mud and climb over walls, cargo nets and balance beams. They also played a laser game and some had the opportunity to have a ride in an ex army tank. But the best and most exhilarating activity was the team Monster challenge where students and staff had to get wet and dirty. After the staff had blitzed the groups in team work, persistence, and skill we were all able to wash the mud off in the lake and water slide. Thanks to all students and staff for making the camp one to remember.


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