Textiles – Focus on Fashion

On Monday 30th April, 30 Year 10, 11 and 12 Textiles students headed off to Melbourne Museum for the Focus on Fashion Forum, followed by a viewing of the Top Designs Exhibition. Top Designs showcases examples of A+ folios and products from the previous year. This is a part of the VCE Season of Excellence, something many of our students have been a part of over the years in all fields – Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Design and Technology.

The forum we attended was 90 minutes long, starting with an overview of folio expectations for the SAT – School Assessed Task, by a VCAA examiner. At Year 12 the SAT makes up 50% of the study score in Product Design and Technology, and is completed over units 3 and 4. Students create a design for a client, presenting this in a folio, then they create the design, and evaluate it. The Year 12s have started to realise how much work is involved, and where they need to be heading, while the Year 10 and 11 students were inspired and already thinking about future directions.

Then we had a very inspiring talk by a young designer Genevieve Kulesza. She spoke about how she has used the design process while designing fashion collections for clients, highlighting the need for feedback and ongoing discussion. She also took the students through an inspiring look at how she develops ideas for her collections, and how sometimes client needs may not always be the direction she wanted to go, but how she has worked around this to crate innovative and unusual collections.

We then went on to view the exhibition; students had a range of tasks to complete, both at the museum, and on the way there. They needed to analyse a garment similar to what they are about to create, and carefully answer questions about the design folios they were viewing. Top Designs is open until Sunday 24th June, and is a must visit exhibition for anyone studying Visual Communication & Design, Product Design & Technology (Textiles, Metal or Wood), Food & Technology, Media, Interactive Digital Media and Systems Engineering.

Textiles and Fashion teachers: Suzanne Arnott and Karen McVilly

At the museum

Year 10, 11 and 12 Textiles and Fashion students


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