The old man was sitting in his chair,
With tears in his eyes
Telling me his story
In which no one could deny.
“Little girl,” he said to me
With weakness in his voice,
“Things I hope you’ll never see
For me I had no choice.
We walked with our heads held high,
Not knowing what’s to come
My hands were feeling numb.
Training was really nothing,
Compared to what was
The battlefield was scary
There was not one pause.
My mates shot down in front of me,
Their cries and screams of pain
The last memories of them I have
Is their bodies in the rain.
Lives and limbs were lost
From all those brave young men.
I guess that was the cost,
to be free once again.
Little girl,” he said to me
“I hope you understand,
stand up for what you wish to see
In this very beautiful land.”
Poem by Kiah W and Tamara W 9x
The posters, created by Year 9 as part of the 3C9 program are on display in the Beaumaris Campus Library.

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