Sandringham Public Paper 1st March 2012

Sandringham Public Paper March 1st : “There has been much discussion and reflection about the future of the three campuses of the College.

Two things are clear:

  • None of the campuses are up for disposal and
  • all three campuses are in urgent need of capital investment.
While there is great teaching occurring across the College, this is not reflected in the facilities. We need to convince both State and Federal Governments to provide significant monies for capital improvements.To do this, we need community input. This paper seeks to encourage people to think creatively and laterally about how the future of the College might look….”

Click here to download a full copy of the document: Sandringham Public Paper March 1st

About Sandringham College

Sandringham College is a three campus Year 7-12 College located in the south eastern Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. Students, including international students, are enjoying and benefiting from the rich and engaging curriculum and experiences that the College is renowned for.

2 thoughts on “Sandringham Public Paper 1st March 2012

  1. Denise Penney says:

    Hi, why are there half a dozen miscellaneous signs for everything from school a fete to a car boot sale on the Beaumaris Campus site yet nothing for the community meetings/workshops? Any chance the school could put up a sign to let the whole community know about the process?

    • Dear Penny,

      The school has undertaken the following publicity:
      Website notification
      Email notification
      Meeting with parents and friends committee of the school
      Local newspaper stories in which the meeting has been advertised

      However, we will also look into some signage


      Allen McAuliffe

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